LU's Online Registration Questionnaire

Living Unlimited creates and facilitates sustainable, inclusive communities where people with and without disabilities live, work and care for each other with mutual respect and dignity. Your answers will help guide us.
  • My child is:
  • My child requires:
  • I can imagine my child transitioning from home:
  • I would consider purchasing a place before my child is actually ready to transition, and renting it out until we are ready.
  • I think the LU Community concept is:
  • For the right property, I could find some money to secure a home for life for my child. I have or could finance within a reasonable time:
  • Would you be willing and able to pay a non-refundable deposit of $10,000 to secure a place for your child. It would give us cash to complete our pre-closing inspections.
  • Are you ready to devote volunteer time to this effort?
  • Where would you rank an intentional community in a rural setting administered by LU (such as Clearwater Ranch near Cloverdale)?
  • Where would you rank a cluster of single-family homes in a suburban area administered by LU?
  • Where would you rank a shared apartment in an apartment building in which neurotypical tenants may also live, close to shops and other amenities (less rural and more urban) administered by LU?
  • For the right property, I could see my child living this distance from our home:
  • (if more than one email, put a ; [semicolon] between each)
  • Any additional information you would like to share or message you would like to give us.