Living Unlimited acts as an umbrella organization with the mission of starting and managing as many farms and suburban residences as possible. It facilitates the formation of smaller like-minded groups of parents interested in a particular property; identifies and negotiates the purchase or lease of such properties; develops, manages and maintains the properties; and supervises the provision of services, much like a franchisor ensuring that best practices exist at each farm community or suburban residence. Each property will be owned by a limited liability company (LLC), which in turn will be owned by families or their children’s special needs trusts. For these services LU will own a small fraction of each LLC and act as managing member.

LU looks to parent groups to pioneer each LLC. Eventually, once their children are settled, most parents will have no interest beyond the LLC which houses their child, and will support that LLC as members of the board or volunteer workers at the residences. However, in the meanwhile, families are invited to assist in the urgent committee work of LU. Individuals attracted to the LU mission would be welcome to join LU’s board or act as Advisors to it

Parents will be able to exit their investment or swap to a different LU property by finding another suitable family to take their place or (eventually) by asking LU to purchase them out.